Yes, we made it

Our colleagues contributed to the Horizon 2020 success

The researchers of the HAS CSS Institute for Legal Studies also contributed to the application for the research funding, which has been awarded a one billion HUF grant by the European Union under Horizon 2020.  The DEMOS (Democratic Efficacy and the Varieties of Populism in Europe) research project, led by HAS Centre for Social Sciences has received one billion HUF (€3 million) from the European Union.

The joint research project is based on a cooperation among 15 European partners, including such distinguished research institutes as the Universities of Hamburg and Copenhagen. Under the strict requirements of the EU Research and Innovation programmes only the most outstanding applications are found eligible for funding. During the evaluation process such criteria are considered by a board composed of  European scholars as professional excellence, social impact, and the expected quality of realisation. The principal investigator of the three-year research programme is Zsolt Boda, the director of HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Political Science, while researchers from other institutes of the Centre also participate in the project.


Conference on human rights of refugees in Rome

Gave a presentation about the change of EU refugee law at a conference of the Institute for International Legal Studies (ISGI) of the Italian National Research Council (National Research (CNR).

I tried to mix refugee law with European studies. The title of my lecure was ‘Reverse (negative) spillovers and the EU’s refugee crisis – Disintegration within the EU’, you can download the slides of the lecture here.

Please note that we also plan to publish a book about this topic (Human Rights Of Asylum Seekers In Italy And Hungary – Influence Of International And Eu Law On Domestic Actions. G. Giappichelli & Eleven Publishing, Rome, The Hague, will be published shortly.). My chapter in this book will be called ‘EU Asylum Law: Disintegration and Negative Spillovers.’

Please find below the pictures of this last conference.

Visiting professorship at Northwestern Politechnical University in China

I gave some lectures about the EU for the students at NPU in Xi’an. I found the environment as well as the students amazing!

Képtalálat a következőre: „northwestern polytechnical university”
Students were really inquisitive, their command of English was perfect, and after my classes they asked many intelligent questions, which showed that they understood everything correctly and were curious about certain issues (like, for example, about the role of the Court of Justice of the EU). After the class, they also guided me through the campus, which looked excellent, was built maybe ten years ago, and contains one of the biggest university libraries in China (and the biggest university library built on water).

The slides of my introductory lecture about Hungary, Budapest, Eötvös Loránd University and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences can be found here.

The slides of the lecture I gave about EU single market regultions is available here.

My slides on EU external trade law can be accessed here.

NPU has two main campuses, one can be found in the inner city and the other is at the border of the city, I attach pictures of both. They both look marvellous.

Conference at Northwestern Politechnical University in Xi’an, China

I visited Northwestern Politechincal University in Xi’an, China. It was an extremely inspiring journey, met many symphatic, smart and kind colleagues as well as students, and am really grateful for the support I received from the university. I am especially thankful to Na Li from the School of Humanities, Economics and Law.

The conference was called ‘The Silk road to Central Asia’. My presentation was about the Practical Aspects of the New Silk Road Cooperation in the European Union. I tried to give a short, introductory overview about contracting, private international law and state aid/public procurement laws in the European Union. My slides are available hereOne of my colleagues and friends, Balázs Horváthy also talked on this conference about EU-China trade and investor dispute settlement questions. 

I am also grateful to Chen Jie from the Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, who was kind enough to translate my presentation to Chinese, and to the student body, who helped me a lot and guided me in Xi’an to our meetings.


I obtained the title Dr habil. recently, which is a great honour to me, and I am very happy about it.  I gave my habilitation lectures about the role of social emotions in lawmaking in the EU and the US on 6 April, 2018. 

I had to give two lectures:

  • In the first one (given in Hungarian) I talked about the role of fear in EU and US laws on data protection. The slides of the lecture are available here.
  • In the second one (given in English) I talked about the concept of freedom in US and EU contract law (esp. consumer contracts). The slides of the lecture are available here.

I received the habilitation document directly from the vice-rector (Prof. Lénárd Darázs) of the university in July, it was a very happy day.





Article + interview

We wrote together with colleagues an article (in Hungarian) for a mainstream Hungarian weekly on the nature of the Hungarian electoral autocracy (Majtényi Balázs, Unger Anna, Ziegler Dezső Tamás: Egyszerűen senkik vagytok – a választási autokráciáról).

The article is available here.

Later, I also gave an interview (in Hungarian) for this weekly about the new laws on refugees in Hungary, the fascistoid hate-speech campaign of the Hungarian government and the lack of proper answers to the refugee crisis by the EU and its member states.

The interview is available here.