Conference on human rights of refugees in Rome

Gave a presentation about the change of EU refugee law at a conference of the Institute for International Legal Studies (ISGI) of the Italian National Research Council (National Research (CNR).

I tried to mix refugee law with European studies. The title of my lecure was ‘Reverse (negative) spillovers and the EU’s refugee crisis – Disintegration within the EU’, you can download the slides of the lecture here.

Please note that we also plan to publish a book about this topic (Human Rights Of Asylum Seekers In Italy And Hungary – Influence Of International And Eu Law On Domestic Actions. G. Giappichelli & Eleven Publishing, Rome, The Hague, will be published shortly.). My chapter in this book will be called ‘EU Asylum Law: Disintegration and Negative Spillovers.’

Please find below the pictures of this last conference.

New article – The Populist Hoax (Getting The Far Right And Post-Fascism Wrong)

When political parties are chauvinistic, racist, paranoid, anti-elitist, macho-ist, use emotions to attack minorities, create scapegoats, we cannot say that this is the normal course of democracy.

The article can be accessed here or by clicking on the image above.

Had a wonderful time at Warwick University

I am really grateful to the colleagues at Warwick University,  it was really inspiring to meet them, had a great time at the School of Law. I gave sereval lectures/seminars. One of them was about disintegration within the EU and the occurance of negative (reverse) spillovers in EU law (it was called Negative (reverse) spillovers in EU law – First thoughts on a theoretical framework – the slides are available here). Another lecture was about conflict-of-laws issues,  it was called The magic evolution of conflict of laws – Internationalisation, interdependence and the role of tolerance (the slides are available here).

Will visit the Institute for International Legal Studies in Rome

We (ie. the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute for International Legal Studies) have a joint research project on refugee protection and EU law/international law standards, I will give a lecture this week on Friday. I am extremely happy to visit Rome, the Institute and the Italian colleagues!