My lecture about academic freedom and the EU at Max Planck Institute

Yes, we made it

Our colleagues contributed to the Horizon 2020 success

The researchers of the HAS CSS Institute for Legal Studies also contributed to the application for the research funding, which has been awarded a one billion HUF grant by the European Union under Horizon 2020.  The DEMOS (Democratic Efficacy and the Varieties of Populism in Europe) research project, led by HAS Centre for Social Sciences has received one billion HUF (€3 million) from the European Union.

The joint research project is based on a cooperation among 15 European partners, including such distinguished research institutes as the Universities of Hamburg and Copenhagen. Under the strict requirements of the EU Research and Innovation programmes only the most outstanding applications are found eligible for funding. During the evaluation process such criteria are considered by a board composed of  European scholars as professional excellence, social impact, and the expected quality of realisation. The principal investigator of the three-year research programme is Zsolt Boda, the director of HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Political Science, while researchers from other institutes of the Centre also participate in the project.


Sometimes it seems it has some sense to write articles about populism

After my last short article was published on Social Europe, I received many encouraging emails, which made me really happy, especially since I represent a minority opinion (thanks to you all!).

Moreover, Professor Simon Wren-Lewis from Oxford University wrote about it on his Mainly Macro blog (‘The two types of populism within Brexit’, the entry can be accessed here).

I also received several articles written by Anton Jäger from Cambridge University. One of them (The Myth of “Populism”) is accessible on Jacobin Magazine hereWhy this piece is interesting to me is because it shows the misunderstandings regarding the roots of American populism, and as such, populism in general.

I also intend to write another article about euroscepticism (it will be called ‘Critisizing the EU – the post fascist, the demagogue, and the proactive way’), as I would like to make it clear that I do not consider every kind of criticism post-fascism, only if such criticism is mixed with racism, overtly nationalism and authoritarianism.

As it seems right now I will also speak on a workshop at Central European University next week about the same topic.

New article – The Populist Hoax (Getting The Far Right And Post-Fascism Wrong)

When political parties are chauvinistic, racist, paranoid, anti-elitist, macho-ist, use emotions to attack minorities, create scapegoats, we cannot say that this is the normal course of democracy.

The article can be accessed here or by clicking on the image above.